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Signing up for games:

All umpires will sign up for games using ANSLL .org.  

Step 1 - Umpires must have a unique email (not their parents email)  Send the player/child's unique address to ANSLL Chief Umpire, ayne Wisneski, .

Step 2 - Click here to learn how to sign up for the games.

Step 3 - Click here to remove yourself from a game. NOTE: the system will not let you remove yourself the day before the game. If you cannot work a game scheduled for the next day, please email the Chief Umpire.

Below is a sample of what needs to be covered at the plate conference. New umpires should have a printed copy of the conference outline to use during your first few games.


Click here to purchase a collared powder blue umpire shirt. All umpires working Majors games should purchase a collared shirt.


Plate Conference

1. Call managers to the plate 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. One umpire get the home manager, the other umpire get the visiting manager.

2. When managers get to the plate, each umpire introduces themselves to each manager by shaking their hand, looking them in the eye, and telling them your name in a clear voice. Do Not Mumble.

3. Home plate umpire talks at the plate conference. Below is what you say:

  • Are all your players properly equipped? Both managers need to reply yes.
  • I have the plate and will call all balls and strikes, fair and foul balls, all fly ball catch or no catch, all plays at the plate. My partner will call all plays at all the bases.
  • If at any time you have a question about a call, once the play is over, request time from the dugout. Once you are granted time, talk to the umpire who made the call. The umpire can then decide if he wants help from his partner.
  • Please hustle your players on and off the field. Have catchers ready to get on the field as soon as you are done batting. If the catcher is not ready, send another player with a mask and catcher’s glove to warm up the pitcher. Let’s spend the time playing the game, not standing around between innings.
  • Keep all players in the dugout at all times. Only player allowed out is the first batter of an inning who can take warm up swings while the pitcher is warming up.
  • Keep the dugout gate closed at all times.
  • Tell them the time limit of the game (1 hour 45 minutes for AA and 2 hours for AAA, no time limit for Majors). The plate umpire keeps the time. We are starting at the scheduled start time (if the game is on schedule, otherwise, tell them the start time of the game which should be a few minutes after you finish the plate conference).