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In most sports the head coach is called the "Head Coach".  In baseball, the head coach is called, "The Manager". The Little League manager and coach must be leaders. All must recognize that they hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that deals with a sensitive and formative period of a child’s development. It is required that the manager and coach have understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager and coach should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people.  Managers and coaches must be adults who are sensitive to the mental and physical limitations of children of Little League age and who recognize that the game is a vehicle of training and enjoyment, not an end in itself. 


Each team is allowed to have two official Assistants (although Team Managers welcome the additional assistance from parents for practices).   Assistant Coaches are selected by the Team Manager after players have been drafted or assigned to teams.   It requires a commitment of time, energy, patience, and some basic knowledge of the game as they assist the Team Manager at practices and games.   Assistant Coaches may be asked to work with small groups of players to develop specific baseball skills, work the baselines during the game, manage the players in the dugout, help with the scorebook/pitch counts, etc.  

Additional skills-training is available for new coaches.  This is a lot of fun!