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Conducts the affairs of the league. Presides over meetings of the league, managers, executive committee and board of directors. Represents the league at District meetings. Investigates and addresses complaints and other problems relating to league operations.

Vice President
Performs the duties of the President when the President is absent. Serves as Grievance Officer for the league. Coordinates Registration (see attached details).

Records the activities of the league and maintains files and records. Notifies members and keeps minutes of meetings of the league, board of directors and committees. Coordinates mailings and conducts general correspondence.

Prepares the annual budget and monthly financial reports for the board of directors. Receives and disburses payments for league activities, and keeps records of all financial transactions. Advises the board in financial matters.

Player Agent
Receives and reviews player applications; checks residence and age eligibility. Conducts player drafts and team selection meetings. Prepares team rosters for submission to Little League headquarters, and reports subsequent player replacements or trades. Prepares tournament team eligibility affidavit.

Safety Officer
Ensures that league activities are conducted in a safe environment. Prepares a Safety Action Plan for submission to Little League headquarters. Reports safety concerns and recommends appropriate corrective actions to the board of directors.


Director of League Operations
Monitors league operations and recommends changes relating to rules and organizational matters. Coordinates manager and coach selection and training. In consultation with the Player Agent, develops a proposal for game scheduling at each level, including tournament play and format. Recruits volunteers to serve as Game/Practice Schedulers and Umpire Schedulers. Prepares manual for managers meeting in March.

Information Officer
Maintains database, website and emails for the league.  Prints and distributes team information to President, Player Agent, and Commissioners after registration to assist in organizing teams.  Distributes team/player information to yearbook coordinator and team/manager information to photo coordinator.

Director of Sponsorships & Public Affairs
Promotes a positive relationship between the league and the community. Coordinates and publicizes Opening Day Ceremonies and other special league events. Forecasts expenses for the annual budget.
Oversees the solicitation of sponsors to support league activities. Communicates sponsorship information to ensure recognition on uniforms, web page and in yearbook. Provides managers with information regarding their responsibilities to their team's sponsor.

Director of Uniforms and Equipment
Coordinates the purchase of all uniforms and trophies. Arranges for printing of sponsor information on uniforms. Forecasts expenses for the annual budget. Maintains inventories and arranges for the repair or replacement of equipment as needed. 
Coordinates the purchase of all playing equipment. Forecasts expenses for the annual budget. Maintains inventories and arranges for the repair or replacement of equipment as needed. Recruits volunteers to serve as Equipment Manager and Equipment Reconditioner.

Director of Coaching & Player Development
Heads the manager selection committee. Represents coaches/managers in league; presents a coach/manager training budget to the board; gains the support and funds necessary to implement a league-wide training program; orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches and managers; coordinates mini-clinics as necessary; serves as the contact person for Little League and its manager/coach education program for the league.
Develops a strategy for player recruitment. Assists in coordinating the registration process and league tryouts. Oversees the selection of candidates and prizes for the Kehrer Cup award.

Director of Umpires
Oversees recruitment and training of league umpires. Performs the duty of Chief Umpire. Acts as a liaison between umpires and the board of directors.

Director of Facilities
Oversees field maintenance and interfaces with county personnel regarding the league's field adoption agreements. Coordinates and trains volunteers and/or paid contractors to maintain the fields. Maintains inventories and arranges for the repair or replacement of field maintenance equipment as needed. Conducts annual light audit for district field certification. Forecasts expenses for the annual budget. Recruits volunteers to serve as Field Maintenance Managers.
SEE Coordinator & Key Volunteers
(4 areas to choose from).

At-Large Member
Coordinate soliciting of Boosters at registration (V-P will help) & coordinates ANSLL Day with the MLB teams. Generally, reserved for persons with an in-depth league history or experience and able to add value and institutional knowledge within all areas.