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Tournament Team Schedule 


Team Date Start Time HOST Location
8-9 Minors 17-Jun 6:30pm ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
8, 9, 10 18-Jun 2:00 PM ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
9, 10, 11 18-Jun 6:00 PM ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
9-11 Minors 19-Jun 6:30pm ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
8, 9, 10 20-Jun 7:00 PM ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
8-9 Minors 21-Jun 6:00pm SYA East  SYA Sports Park #1, 6630 Bull Run Post Office Road, Centreville, VA
9-11 Minors 21-Jun 6:30pm Fairfax American Thaiss Park #5, 3401 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA
8, 9, 10 24-Jun 7:00 PM Fairfax American Fairfax Chilcott
9, 10, 11 25-Jun 10:00 AM Chantilly Cahntilly Park
9-11 Minors 24-Jun 6:30pm Fairfax American Thaiss Park #5, 3401 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA
9-11 Minors 26-Jun 1:00PM ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
10-12 (Little League) 29-Jun 7:00 PM ANSLL Pine Ridge Majors Field
10-12 (Little League) 30-Jun 6:00 PM SYA West SYA Cub Run
10-12 (Little League) 1-Jul 7:00 PM CYA Chantilly Park
Juniors 7-Jul 7:00 PM Fairfax Providence ES
Juniors 10-Jul 2:00 PM ANSLL Providence ES (ANSLL HOST)



Juniors District Team:

Majors District Team:

9, 10, 11 District Team:

James Berens
Vincenzo Fiorino
Matthew Holcomb
Jacob Hurley
Luke Hutchinson
Dean Johnson
Jonathon Lee
Andrew McGee
Riley Pedersen
Seth Rembrandt
Bennett Ross
Stefin Schneider
Mason Wycinsky

Manager:Tim Johnson

Coaches: Don Pedersen &
Tony Fiorino

Steven Cook
Hunter Dalton
Hudson Drumm
Aiden Duran
Colman Forrer
Jacob Gould
Robert Hipona-Rutland
Cooper  Hoddinott
Lucas Lee
Brody LeRoy
Liam McMurry
Daniel Moreth
Linden St. Clair
Joseph Subasavage

Manager: Adam LeRoy

Coaches: Don Forrer &
Dustin Drumm

Alex Gordon
Andrew Laclede
Jeremiah Mata
Brady O’Bryant
Brett Patterson
Owen Plank
Wyatt Santee
Zachary Sophia
Owen Stuhrke
Christian Visioli
Nate Walters
Harpur Williams
Jacob Williams
Blake Wisneski

Manager: Bryan Patterson

Coaches: Tony O’Bryant &
Keith Walters

8, 9, 10 District Team:

9, 10, 11 Minors Team:

8/9 Minors Team:

Justinian Arrans
Joey Denti
Logan Duran
Adam Gordon
Elliott Hebert
Fritz Larson
Ezra Misganaw
Samuel Nellor
Connor Papkin
Jake Porter
Gerald Robinson
Aaron Sullivan
Carter Wycinsky

Manager: JR Wycinsky

Coaches: Gary Arrans &
Dan Porter

Porter Brayshaw
Lucas Egan
Matthew Hernandez
Brogan Higgins
Noah Hotmire
Caleb Lau
Xavier McBride
Easton Murphy
Dylan Scharpf
William Smith
Wyatt Smith
Matthew Walters
Tanner Williams

Manager: Rich Egan
Coaches: Tim Higgins &
Kevin Scharpf

Trevor Alestock
Griffin Cahalan
Gavin Craige
Dominic Desmarais
Tucker Karl
Asa LeRoy
Sullivan McNamara
Henry Robinson
Nolan Santee
Ryan Sophia
Landon Thomas
Brooks Weiss
Owen Wolfanger

Manager: Greg Thomas
Coaches: Sean McNamara
 Shane Wolfanger



Parents or guardians of all Juniors, Majors, AAA and AA players ages 8-14 should complete the "tournament commitment" form at the link, below, before May 9, 2022.


At the conclusion of each spring season, baseball teams representing ANSLL compete in post-season tournaments. Little League sponsors a tournament series for four different age groups and our local district (District 10) sponsors two additional tournaments. The table below summarizes eligibility requirements for each team and the expected tournament dates. (Each individual tournament will take place over a roughly 10-day span, and winners will advance to the next tournament, if applicable.)  The age ranges are set by Little League and District 10, not by ANSLL, and are based on a player’s age on 8/31/22.

ANSLL Tournament Teams

Eligible League Ages

Eligible ANSLL Divisions

Estimated Tournament Start Dates

District 10



World Series

LL Team 1


Majors, AAA





LL Team 2


Majors, AAA, AA


7/13/22 7/29/22


LL Team 3


Majors, AAA, AA





LL Team 4







D10 Team 1







D10 Team 2








Operation of the annual tournaments in Little League come under a different authority and jurisdiction from that normally observed during the playing season.  A very important difference that parents, guardians, and players should understand before asking to be considered for team selection concerns MANDATORY PLAY (Tournament Rule 9) and SUBSTITUTIONS/RE-ENTRY (Tournament Rule 10).  These rules are spelled-out on Pages 190-196 of the Little League Baseball 2022 Rulebook.  The big take-aways are that there is no “continuous batting order” in tournament games, so only the nine players who take the field for defense in an inning are eligible to bat; and the minimum per-game participation requirements for each player are less than for ANSLL regular season games.  The following two websites provide some helpful summaries of the MANDATORY PLAY rule for Little League tournaments:



Each spring, the ANSLL Board of Directors forms a Tournament Committee to oversee the selection of managers and players for these teams.  This process begins with the collection of commitments for all eligible players (based on age, division, residency, etc.).  Parents or guardians are asked to complete a commitment form to indicate whether or not they want their child/children to be considered to represent ANSLL on a tournament team.  Consent for tournament team consideration requires a commitment by parents/guardians to make a player available for practices and games any day and at any time of day from the end of school through the end of the last tournament in which a tournament team could compete.  Parents and guardians must disclose to the Tournament Committee all days/times of day between 6/1/22 and 8/31/22 when their child will be unavailable for baseball practices and games.  (Examples of conflicts to disclose include summer school, day camp, overnight camp, swim team, vacations, and any days/times when no adult will be available to transport a player to/from a practice or game due to work or other commitments.) 

The Tournament Committee will create ballots for each team that include all eligible players whose parents/guardians have consented for them to be considered.  Regular season managers will vote on these ballots, with each manager voting for up to ten players for a given team.  The Tournament Committee will count the managers' votes and assign to each team the ten players receiving the most votes.  Then, the manager selected for each tournament team will select additional players, up to a 14-player maximum limit. Tournament team rosters will be announced on this web page on 6/1/22 (date tentative), and teams will begin practicing soon thereafter.

Any questions about tournament teams should be directed to the 2022 ANSLL Tournament Committee members listed below:

Gary Arrans        playeragent@ansll.org

Dennis Wright    dolo@ansll.org

Wayne Wisneski umpire@ansll.org